I Paid Fortnite Pro’s $50,000 to 1v1 – Challenge


User sent $ 50,000 ...

The user sent $ 50,000 to a smart contract and lost them forever

  • User has sent 4,005 LINK tokens worth over $ 50,000 to a smart contract that does not support them

  • As a result, the funds were transferred to the address of the DeFi game Aavegotchi

  • The problem is that the ERC-20 standard does not allow you to check whether a contract accepts certain tokens or not.

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Pixelcraft Studios has created a dedicated donation wallet to help a user who mistakenly sent them all of their savings

A user mistakenly sent 4,005 Chainlink (LINK) tokens (worth about $ 52,800) to a smart contract that belongs to the decentralized financial game Aavegotchi. A post about this appeared on Github.

Unfortunately, the contract does not support LINK cryptocurrency, so the money is gone forever. The game developers have confirmed this information on the official blog.

“David (@ D13Kabani), father of two and Aavegotchi fan who participated in GHST staking, made the mistake every crypto user fears most,” wrote developer Aavegotchi – Pixelcraft Studios.

David wanted to deposit Binance coins, but instead sent all his savings to the GHST contract, now that money is stuck there forever.

Smart contract with LINK tokens

The developers added that, in the cryptocurrency world (almost) there are no “cancel” buttons, the LINK tokens that belonged to the user are now forever stuck in the non-updatable and therefore immutable contract for GHST staking.

The world is not without good people

However, Aavegotchi decided to help the user by creating a dedicated SantaGotchi donation wallet. They hope that other fans of the game and cryptocurrency users will support David in this difficult situation. At Christmas, Aavegotchi will transfer to David all funds contributed by that time.

To date, users have donated about $ 1.170 in ETH.

Nobody is insured

This is a weakness in the ERC-20 standard, according to Nick Madge, the creator of the smart counter used by Aavegotchi and the lead developer of Solidity at Pixelcraft Studios..

User sent $ 50,000 ...

It does not check the compatibility of the contract with the coins being sent.

Other standards, for example, ERC-777 and ERC-223, provide such functionality. The first standard prevents the receipt of funds that it does not support, and the second is compatible with the ERC-20 standard and was specifically created to prevent loss of funds due to errors.

Nevertheless, users continue to make mistakes with unenviable regularity..

User sent $ 50,000 ...

At the end of October, someone sent 28,050 AAVE tokens, which at the time were worth about $ 1.1 million, to the wrong address, resulting in an irreversible loss of funds. It scares.


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