Unknown person paid over $ 80,000 to send $ 1 in bitcoin

Unknown person paid over $ 80,000 to send $ 1 in bitcoin

  • Unknown person accidentally paid over $ 80K in commission to send $ 1 in bitcoin

  • Nobody will help to return funds

  • The user probably tried to manually send funds without using crypto wallets

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An unknown user tried to send bitcoins using the console, but made a mistake with the choice of transactions

An unknown user wanted to send $ 1 in BTC and mistakenly indicated a commission of 3 BTC (~ $ 83 620 at the current exchange rate). The first to notice this was a user under the nickname mewald55 on the blockpath forum.

According to mewald55, this usually happens when someone tries to manually enter data for a transaction and accidentally swaps the amount of sending and the size of the commission. This can also happen when the full output is not being used. In this case, the remaining unspent amount becomes a commission for miners..

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You can take a closer look at the transaction here.

The user mewald55 suggested that someone was very afraid to use ready-made wallets to move their 3 BTC, so a transaction was manually created for sending from the command line without preliminary testing on the tesnet network.

Lost in translation

On the cryptocurrency market, similar curiosities have already occurred more than once, when users either confuse the amount to be sent with a commission, or indicate the wrong address.

In August, for example, cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io mistakenly sent 400,000 USDT tokens to the inappropriate decentralized finance wallet for a stablecoin (DeFi) Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a financial services built on blockchain technology that offer users access to an open, efficient and…

Unknown person paid over $ 80,000 to send $ 1 in bitcoin

More) called SushiSwap. Thus, the exchange forever lost almost half a million dollars..

Whether the issuer of USDT helped with the refund remains unknown.

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Notably, in July, Israeli blockchain startup Kirobo even developed technology to protect users’ coins in case they accidentally send them to the wrong wallet..

Unknown person paid over $ 80,000 to send $ 1 in bitcoin

New Retrievable Transfer feature to “undo” transactions is already available for hardware wallets from French firm Ledger.

However, a much more high-profile case in 2020 was the accidental sending of over $ 2 million in ETH.. BeInCrypto editors reported, that in June an unknown user paid over 10 thousand.

Unknown person paid over $ 80,000 to send $ 1 in bitcoin

ETH (~ $ 2.6 million at the time) to send 0.55 ETH (~ $ 134 at the time) as a commission to the Chinese mining pool SparkPool. Then Trust Nodes suggested that a cryptocurrency bot could be behind the anomalous operation, since over 6,000 small transactions were sent from the address with an incorrect commission indication..

Bitcoin price BTC / USDT on moment of writing is $ 23,960.

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