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Unknown person paid $ 2.6 million ...

Unknown person paid $ 2.6 million in commissions on the Ethereum network in just one operation

  • Someone Paid Record Small Transaction Fees.

  • It is possible that a mining pool and an exchange are involved.

  • Everything indicates that the operations are carried out by a cryptocurrency bot.

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In this case, the amount of the operation itself for moment of writing is only $ 134 (or 0.55 ETH in cryptocurrency equivalent).

In blockchain-Ethereum network fixed abnormal transaction with record amount of commission costs.

Unknown person paid $ 2.6 million ...

First reported by Trust Nodes.

According to information from the blockchain explorer Etherscan, over 10 thousand ETH (~ $ 2.6 million) was spent on just one operation as a commission to the Chinese mining pool SparkPool.

At the same time, the unknown intended to make a transaction in the amount of only 0.55 ETH (~ $ 134).

In the history of transactions, it can be seen that an unknown address conducts small transactions with high commissions with almost a minute interval.

Trust Nodes suggests that a cryptocurrency bot may be behind anomalous operations, since over 6,000 transactions have already been made from the address..

Despite record spending, an additional 45 thousand ETH (~ $ 11.1 million) was later credited to the address.

The address itself was opened relatively recently – on June 6, and, basically, only accepted transactions and did not conduct any transfers.

Exchanges again

It looks like the address is somehow related to the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb.

The fact is that the address to which 0.55 ETH was sent automatically withdrawn funds to the Bithumb exchange.

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It is possible that the control over the intermediary address ended up in the hands of attackers, who changed the amount of funds to be sent with funds to cover commission expenses.

Representatives of the SparkPool pool have already announced the freeze of fees and the start of an investigation into the incident.

Commission confusion

Blockchain fees have been confused before.

Unknown person paid $ 2.6 million ...

In April 2016, for example, an unknown person, confusing the funds for sending and paying commissions, paid 291 BTC for the transfer of 0.0001 BTC.

Previously BeInCrypto editors wrote, that the Ethereum network has short-term surpassed the Bitcoin network in transaction fees.

At the beginning of June, the amount of commissions on the Ethereum network increased to $ 498,000, while Bitcoin’s volume is only $ 308,000..

What do you think? Was so much money spent deliberately for the services of the mining pool, or was the unknown really wrong? Share with us with your thoughts in the comments and join the discussion in our Telegram channel.


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Unknown person paid $ 2.6 million ...

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