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Top 10 “Outstanding Women in Cryptocurrency” identified

  • Top 10 outstanding women in cryptocurrency identified

  • The competition aims to improve the image of women in cryptocurrency

  • Women conquer the world of cryptocurrencies on a par with men

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Wirex has partnered with The Fintech Times to unveil a list of Outstanding Women in Cryptocurrencies 2020. Ten winners were selected among 367 nominees.

The women who conquered the blockchain

Back last month, Wirex announced a long list of nominees for the most outstanding woman in cryptocurrency. It included more than 50 women from all over the world. The list also includes some Russian and Ukrainian women, such as Evelina Lavrova, CMO of the Waves.Exchange cryptoexchange, Maria Bogorskaya, Product Manager, Wirex, Marina Petrichenko, Community Growth Consultant, Polybuis and others.

After a thorough study of each nominee, an expert jury selected the top 10 winners.

Top 10 'Outstanding Women in Cryptocurrency' identified

They are:

  • Noelle Acheson, Director of Research, CoinDesk
  • Professor Tonya M. Evans, Pennsylvania Dickinson Professor of Law
  • Lucy Gazmarayan, Deputy Director, PWC Crypto & Fintech Advisory
  • Susan Crew, Content Creator, Crypto Granny
  • Simone Maini, CEO, Elliptic
  • Inbal Polak, Director, Digital Assets Fund, YRD Capital
  • Elizabeth Kukka, CEO of Ethereum Classic Labs
  • Sophie Blakstad, CEO, hiveonline
  • Christina Lomazzo, Head of Blockchain Development, UNICEF
  • Lenka Khudakova, Event Manager, Maker Foundation

Wirex Competition aims to identify and reward the most influential women in cryptocurrencies.

Top 10 'Outstanding Women in Cryptocurrency' identified

As a rule, cryptography is considered to be mainly a male field, and the contribution of women to the development of the industry is often overlooked. Therefore, Wirex decided to host their own competition to reward women who contribute to the crypto sector..

“The Women in Crypto initiative has had phenomenal success. Having already read some of the data from the nominations, I’m incredibly happy to see the tremendous achievements of women working in this sector.

Top 10 'Outstanding Women in Cryptocurrency' identified

Since its inception, Wirex’s mission has been to empower everyone to enter the world of cryptocurrencies by offering a simple solution. And we hope this campaign will inspire women around the world to participate in this fast growing sector. I am looking forward to the results of the vote, ”said Pavel Matveev, CEO and co-founder of Wirex.

Cryptography is not a woman’s business?!

Such contests prove that women can engage in the development of cryptographic and blockchain projects on an equal basis with men. Previously, BeInCrypto compiled its ranking of the top 5 outstanding women in the cryptocurrency market, which included both employees of cryptocurrency exchanges and projects, and experts in related fields..


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