TON ‘Grams’ denied! US says no to new cryptocurrency


TON blockchain launched without Durov’s participation

  • TON blockchain launched without the participation of Pavel Durov

  • Investors never got their money back

  • Pavel Durov does not comment on the launch of Free TON in any way

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Blockchain developers who are directly related to TON have launched an alternative version of the platform called Free TON.

TON blockchain launched without Durov's participation

TON will become the main token of the blockchain.

TON blockchain launched without Durov's participation

At the same time, Pavel Durov himself did not comment on the launch of the blockchain in any way and does not contact investors.

Where did the Durov brothers disappear??


Recall that the TON blockchain project was supposed to be launched on April 30.

TON blockchain launched without Durov's participation

Pavel Durov’s brother Nikolay became the main developer of the platform. According to the community, which defended the project during the litigation with the US Securities Commission (SEC), the platform was technically ready to launch in the winter. However, due to violation of American legislation, the project was not launched..

Later Pavel Durov said that he was ready to return the money to investors, which is $ 1.7 billion, if the project is not launched.

TON blockchain launched without Durov's participation

Although later the founder of Telegram made an amendment that only investors who are located in America will receive money. In any case, after that no messages were received from the Durov brothers. Until the launch of Free TON. It is also surprising that investors who have invested a lot of money in the project learned about the launch of an alternative blockchain from news in the media. Pavel Durov himself does not comment on this event in any way, but in his blog discusses the problems of Silicon Valley.

This behavior has caused outrage among investors. They have previously condemned Durov’s decisions to launch TON despite the SEC ban. According to them, such a move puts the investors themselves in a very uncomfortable position. In fact, by accepting Gram tokens, they became complicit in a massive fraud. Refusing tokens, losing money.

TON vs FREE Ton: what’s the difference


FreeTON also created a community of the same name, which included developers and validators from several countries of the world, including Russia, America, Spain and others. The community also included TON Labs, which developed infrastructure and application solutions for the TON blockchain. The organization has never been directly associated with Telegram, however, Durov did not forbid them to use the name of their blockchain and position themselves as a technology partner. According to SEC representatives, it is TON Labs that is one of the largest investors in the Durov brothers’ project.

As explained on the Free TON website, the platform was created on the basis of open source, and the launch of the blockchain will take place in several stages. Validators who complete all stages and launch their nodes will receive a reward of 200,000 TON.

For more information on starting Free TON, see below.


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