Minecraft was the Greatest Game EVER…


World famous Minecraft game plugs in cryptocurrency plugin

  • Minecraft made a deal with Enjin and added company tokens to the game

  • You can pay with tokens for building blocks for buildings

  • Collaboration can change the entire world of gaming

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According to the agreement, Enjin will provide Minecraft players with a special plugin developed using blockchain technology. The open source EnjinCraft plugin will bring many innovations to the game, including token trading on Minecraft Java Edition servers. Users can also integrate Enjin wallets into the server while playing.

Minecraft will help Enjin scale the business


The deal between Enjin, which supplies turnkey solutions for trading and monetizing businesses based on blockchain, could have a significant impact on the development of Enjin itself. Indeed, by concluding agreements with larger companies, the volume of tokens on the market is rapidly increasing, allowing companies to quickly occupy their niche..

As per the agreement, the servers provided by Enjin will allow players to connect their Enjin wallets and purchase unique in-game assets such as special weapons, gadgets.

The world famous Minecraft game ...

Players will also be able to trade their blockchain assets or exchange them in the Minecraft in-game interface for Enjin Coin (Enj) or Ethereum (ETH), and will also be able to check their wallet balance.

Ready addition to the game

Testing of this project, which began last year, was recently completed. An additional server has been integrated with easy configuration for Minecraft users..

The world famous Minecraft game ...

Speaking of the deal, Enjin co-founder Witek Radomski said the following;

“EnjinCraft is the beginning of a new era for sandbox style games. Players will now feel more realistic in the game worlds. The developers of the game have also paid a lot of attention to creating realistic movements of the heroes of the game, and will also open access to crypto money for players.

The world famous Minecraft game ...

This promises an incredible experience, “replied Radomski..

Cryptocurrencies can change the entire gaming industry


Through this partnership, which is considered a new version of the game, the entire gaming industry can experience a radical change. With the addition of Enjin tokens to Minecraft, players have new opportunities to interact with other game participants.

The world famous Minecraft game ...

For example, for tokens, you can purchase various building blocks to create street buildings.

The idea of ​​blockchain-powered Sandbox games is a hot topic in the market. The transformation of these games was carried out on the BlockDown 2020 platform, which was recently launched. While industry leaders are wary of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, they believe the gains will have a positive impact on the gaming industry as a whole. An agreement with one of the world’s most popular games like Minecraft will bring a lot of innovation to the industry. This could be the biggest step forward for the industry’s progress.



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