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Mining virus Pro-Ocean adapted Apache and Oracle servers for mining Monero

  • Attackers use monero again when infecting devices

  • New virus loads the CPU by 100% for mining cryptocurrency

  • Malware is able to identify programs to combat it

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A group of attackers called Rocke infects servers with cloud services with mining viruses for mining cryptocurrencies

Chinese cybercriminal group Rocke starts attacking Apache, Oracle and Redis servers with Pro-Ocean mining virus.

The Pro-Ocean mining virus adapted ...

Analysts of Palo Alto Networks were the first to notice this.

The virus is focused on Apache ActiveMQ, Oracle WebLogic and Redis servers, while it is capable of infecting devices in an automatic mode and self-masking. These features make it harder to identify and stop. 

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The process of infecting the device. Source:

As soon as a virus finds a vulnerability and settles on a machine, it automatically downloads and installs all malicious software on it via a remote HTTP server.

It is noteworthy that malware searches for competitors before installing. If it finds other miners, it immediately deletes them. Then the virus completely switches the load of the central processor of the machine to mining the monero cryptocurrency (XMR).

XXI century virus

According to a report from Palo Alto Networks, a mining virus connects to pool.minexmr [.] Com to mine XMR.

The Pro-Ocean mining virus adapted ...

The whole purpose of the attack, cybersecurity experts emphasize, is to use 100% of the CPU for mining cryptocurrency.

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However, in addition to automatically installing and connecting to a mining pool, the virus is also able to fight against tools to detect it..

The Pro-Ocean mining virus adapted ...

For example, malware can remove software designed to identify abnormal activity.

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It should be noted that XMR has long been considered one of the priority coins for black mining..

The Pro-Ocean mining virus adapted ...

The notoriety of cryptocurrency has grown to such an extent that Internal Revenue Service promised to pay $ 625 thousand to anyone who can hack her.

Due to their reputation, some exchanges have decided to stay away from XMR by removing the cryptocurrency from the listing. For example, at the end of July BeInCrypto editors wrote, that Coinbase will not list XMR due to regulatory issues around the coin. Later, ShapeShift crypto exchange secretly got rid of XMR.

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