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Sushiswap Protocol Hacked Again, 81 ETH Stolen

  • Sushiswap survives yet another hacker attack on one of its trading pairs

  • The protocol token has not suffered and has even grown since then

  • The DIGG / ETH pair hit, which sank by more than 50%

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Hackers found a vulnerability in the system of the decentralized liquidity provider Sushiswap and stole part of the commissions received during the day

Holes in the Sushiswap protocol

The vulnerability in the system was discovered in the Badger DAO protocol DIGG token. The attacker used transactions that converted 0.05% of the DIGG / WBTC exchange fees.

Sushiswap Protocol Hacked Again, 81 ETH Stolen

In total, he managed to steal 81 ETH in this way (about $ 103 842).

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The hacker caught on a weak spot in the Sushiswap protocol through the Sushimaker smart contract component. Having created a new trading pair, he formed a DIGG / ETH pool with low liquidity. Due to the lack of a link to send rewards to stakers, the cracker took all the commissions.

Sushimaker is an important automated maker and decentralized exchange (DEX). He is responsible for the distribution of commissions. Commissions for all transactions for all trading pairs on the platform are distributed among liquidity providers in SUSHI tokens.

Hacker used rugpull technology.

Sushiswap Protocol Hacked Again, 81 ETH Stolen

Its essence is as follows: an attacker pumps up a token As the use of cryptocurrencies grows, new types of tokens.

Sushiswap Protocol Hacked Again, 81 ETH Stolen

They can represent value or something intangible, such as voices..

Sushiswap Protocol Hacked Again, 81 ETH Stolen

Two … More created in a liquidity pool and then dramatically withdraws funds, leaving other liquidity providers at a loss.

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Meanwhile, a cryptojournalist known on Twitter under the pseudonym rekt believes that the hacking was carried out using a different technology. According to him, he tried to contact the Sushiswap team about the hack..

“After a more detailed study, we found out that, despite the break-in, the losses have already been covered. What was considered a dire threat to the entire SushiSwap protocol turned out to be an amateur attempt to pick up food left over from others. “.

Market reaction

The SUSHI course practically did not react to the hack. The token has firmly settled above the $ 7.3 support, recovering from a short-term drop below the $ 7 mark. At the time of writing, the coin is trading at $ 7.5

SUSHI / USD daily chart: Tradingview

Meanwhile, the DIGG / ETH pair has been hit hard. Over the past three days, the token rate has dropped significantly. After the hack, traders began to abruptly close positions, aggravating the position of the coin in the market.

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