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Successful Hard Fork Benefits Cardano Cryptocurrency

  • ADA / USD pair starts trading on Bitfinex exchange today.

  • Shelley’s widely anticipated hard fork takes place on Cardano blockchain.

  • Weiss Crypto Ratings comments on hard fork.

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Crypto exchange Bitfinex has listed ADA after the successful transition of the Cardano ecosystem to the long-awaited Shelley protocol.

Welcome to Bitfinex

Today, the Cardano Foundation team published an official press release in which they proudly announced that from today, the ADA project cryptocurrency has been listed on one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex.

In its Twitter account, the project announced that now on Bitfinex currency pairs will be traded with the participation of ADA, which will significantly expand the opportunities for the acquisition and exchange of currency for both crypto traders and ADA holders.

From August 6, the exchange will launch trading in ADA / BTC, ADA / USD and ADA / USDT pairs. Opening up access to ADA through USD will potentially make Bitfinex one of the most convenient platforms offering customers the ability to become an ADA owner without having to purchase any other cryptocurrencies..

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Shelley’s hard fork benefits Cardano

Undoubtedly, the factor that influenced the decision to list on Bitfinex was such an important event for the Cardano project as the successful transition of the ecosystem to the long-awaited mainnet Shelley. The developers have been working on it for about five years, and last week the hard fork finally took place..

In addition to a number of improvements, the new protocol is expected to fully decentralize the network and offer users scalability and interoperability unmatched by any other protocol..

Successful Hard Fork Benefits Cardano Cryptocurrency

All this, according to the project team, will help Cardano to become a truly revolutionary third-generation cryptocurrency..

Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Cardano, argued that in the end, ADA will be able to offer users everything that Bitcoin (BTC) only promised, but could not.. Previously edited by BeInCrypto already reported that on the news of the launch of the long-awaited hard fork process, the ADA rate updated the highs of 2020.

Weiss Crypto Ratings yesterday also commented on the transition to the new protocol.

Successful Hard Fork Benefits Cardano Cryptocurrency

Answering questions from members of the crypto community about whether the hard fork will affect the ADA rating, the agency representatives said that at the moment it retains the current high rating of the cryptocurrency it received last year.

Successful Hard Fork Benefits Cardano Cryptocurrency

The code update was already included in the current rating, as the agency was confident in the success of this hard fork.

However, added Weiss representatives, the rating may be revised if this update leads to a further improvement in the fundamental picture of the Cardano blockchain and the growth of the user base..


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Successful Hard Fork Benefits Cardano Cryptocurrency

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