Most Cardano (ADA) Investors Will Get RICH (Shelley Hard Fork in 2020)


Shelley hardforks on Cardano network

Shelley hardforks on Cardano network

  • Long-awaited Shelley hard fork launched

  • Holders have more opportunities to earn on staking

  • Cardano has been embroiled in several high-profile scandals

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The Shelley hard fork finally took place on the Cardano blockchain, on which the developers have been working for about five years. The update allows users to expand the staking pool and block even more coins in their wallets.

Shelley finally saw the light

Shelley’s hard fork, which has been talked about for a long time by the entire Cardano community, is finally up and running. The update will allow more ADA tokens to be deposited for the staking program, and the fees for validators will also be increased. A new feature will also be added. Users will now be able to use the so-called “staking pool”, which allows users to use coins from other users on their behalf or delegate their coins to staking pools. IOHK said it expects to achieve around 1,000 stake pools; this is based on the number of stake pools open during testing. 

Recall that the launch of the Shelley hard fork was fraught with many problems. Earlier, BeInCrypto reported that IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson shared information on the launch date and development milestones of the Cardano Shelley blockchain on his Twitter page..

Shelley hardforks on Cardano network

According to the plan, the platform will be released on June 30, and the first staking programs will be available in August. The fans of the project took the news positively and congratulated the company on the launch of the project.

However, Hoskinson’s joy at launching the project was overshadowed by the strange behavior of the social network Reddit, which crypto enthusiasts use to communicate and exchange information. A few minutes after the publication of the release with the Cardano Shelley development plan, the post was deleted by the administrator without further explanation.

High-profile scandals did not affect the ADA course

In addition, since the beginning of the year the company has been embroiled in several high-profile scandals. One of them is related to the distribution of fake videos on the YouTube network about the free distribution of ADA tokens, as well as the payment of bonuses for the increased contribution. The criminals launched a whole series of videos that talked about the free distribution of tokens. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson wrote about this on his Twitter page. According to him, the scammers compromised Hoskinson’s speech at a conference, where he asks users to subscribe to the project’s new YouTube channel. Cybercriminals altered the recording and distributed it on the Internet.

Shelley hardforks on Cardano network

On it, Hoskinson allegedly says that the company is ready to issue free ADA tokens for subscription to the channel..

Cardano has already sued YouTube for spreading false information. Ripple, Apple and a number of other companies also joined the accusations of Cardano..



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