Kid try’s to scam us out of Skeet invites 😒


Scammers sold invitations to non-existent events with Musk

  • Scammers used the name of Elon Musk for a scam

  • The criminals managed to collect more than 4 military technical cooperation

  • Cryptocurrency is still popular with cyber criminals

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A new scandal unfolded in the cryptocurrency community. A group of scammers sold invitations to a fake event involving Elon Musk for bitcoins. Advertising was broadcast even on television, and the swindlers have already managed to get 4.5 BTC.

Elon Musk is not aware


A group of scammers created a series of advertisements using which they sold invitations to an event with the participation of Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. Messages were even broadcast on television in America. However, the exact price of the ticket has not been established. The scammers simply offered to transfer from 0.1 BTC to 10 BTC to the recipient’s wallet and the entrance was guaranteed.

Those users who transfer more than 1 BTC were guaranteed a 10% bonus. True, it is not yet clear what these bonuses are for and how to use them..

Scammers were selling invitations ...

Despite the fact that the ad looked convincing, but turned out to be a real fake, the scammers managed to get 4.22 BTC from 45 participants.

The event sparked a lot of heated debate on Reddit. Some users condemned the scammers, others admired the creativity of the scammers. Cyber ​​criminals are constantly improving their skills in phishing schemes, while not hesitating to use the names of famous people.

Cryptocurrencies are a field for scammers


Cryptocurrencies continue to attract scammers from all over the world. American economist, professor of economics at New York University Nouriel Roubini decided to remind once again what he thinks about the cryptocurrency industry and bitcoin in particular.

Commenting on an article by The Wall Street Journal, Roubini actually called the cryptocurrency industry “one big scam”.

Over the past year, several large cryptocurrency scams have been recorded on the market at once. Take the notorious QuadrigaCX cryptocurrency exchange, which crashed in 2019 following the sudden death of its founder Gerald Cotten, who passed away on his honeymoon in India. The official cause of the sudden death was the exacerbation of Crohn’s disease. However, the death of Cotten became known only after a few months. Allegedly, Indian doctors incorrectly indicated the surname of the deceased, so they could not immediately identify the body. All this time, the exchange has been accepting payments and executing customer transactions. When the alleged death of Gerald Cotten became known, more than 76,000 users were unable to access their wallets, and the resource was stuck with money in the amount of 190 million Canadian dollars..

Scammers were selling invitations ...

This was due to the fact that Cotten was the only owner of the keys to the exchange wallets..

Scammers were selling invitations ...

He did not transfer information with the key code to anyone, so no one could get access to the exchanger.

Also, BBB (Better Business Bureau) researchers have compiled the top 5 most common fraudulent schemes in the world..

Scammers were selling invitations ...

Cryptocurrencies took the second place after employment scams. In terms of risk level, cryptocurrencies have bypassed even online purchases, loans, as well as fake checks and receipts.


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