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Republic investment platform launches new token

  • A firm with over 700,000 users is committed to the development of the crypto industry

  • The digital token will be launched on the Algorand blockchain on July 16.

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Republic’s Largest Private Investment Platform To Release Digital Token Next Month new cryptocurrencies types of tokens.

Republic investment platform launches new token

They can represent value or something intangible like voices. Two … More on the Algorand blockchain that provides profit sharing as the number of financial firms starting to use cryptocurrencies grows.

Republic director Kendrick Nguyen said the New York-based company with over 700,000 users plans to issue a token on July 16..

Republic investment platform launches new token

The token will allow customers to gain access to profits from all transactions made on the platform, not just those in which they have invested.

“This dividend token for profit sharing will be available to both accredited and non-accredited investors,” Nguyen said..

New opportunities

Republic gives so-called non-accredited investors a chance to participate in the first phase of a startup for as little as $ 10, and has grown by 700% over the past 18 months. Republic users have invested $ 130 million in over 200 startups in the past four years, according to Nguyen – $ 110 million since the beginning of 2019..

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires accredited investors to meet conditions such as having equity of at least $ 1 million and annual income of at least $ 200,000.

Republic investment platform launches new token

Republic has been offering cryptocurrency-related investments since 2017, and Nguyen believes it is time for digital currencies and blockchain projects to go beyond the hobbyists they target today..

“We are committed to promoting the spread of cryptocurrencies,” Nguyen said. Today we have 700,000 users, but we want to increase their number to 700 million “.

There are some indications that blockchain and digital currencies are becoming more popular.

Republic investment platform launches new token

Financial startup River Financial said its growth is driven by bitcoin enthusiasts over the age of 55. One of the most popular US portals, Reddit, has struck a deal with Ethereum to provide tokens. PayPal and Venmo will offer direct sales of cryptocurrencies.

Waiting for a certificate

Accredited investors can buy the new token starting July 16, but non-accredited investors will have to wait for the Republic to receive the SEC certification. According to Nguyen, if non-accredited investors show interest in the token, they can buy it as soon as the SEC approves the Republic’s application..

As part of the sale, Republic can raise $ 8 million, which is approximately 68 million tokens, Nguyen said. The money will go to the development and support of the digital token, as well as to conclude new deals for investment.

As Nguyen noted, earlier, only accredited investors, who make up only 3% of all American investors, could take advantage of early access to both traditional and cryptocurrency projects. Cryptocurrency is still exotic for many of those who would rather have shares in IBM.

“The Republic token will change everything,” Nguyen said. The blockchain industry needs more widespread adoption “.


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