Crypto news 2021

After the successful launch of the Bitcoin system, new cryptocurrencies began to grow. Now there are about a hundred of them.

  1. Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is a pioneering cryptocurrency that is leading in all the indicated indicators. The Bitcoin exchange rate against the dollar in 2017 rose to a record high of $ 20,000.
  2. Ethereum (Ethereum) – a system that offers additional functions, in addition to making payment transactions (monetary unit – Ethereum). A side option is the registration of transactions with any assets (based on blockchain contracts).
  3. Litecoin is a system based on the development of Bitcoin, but with some improvements – a higher degree of anonymity and speed of transactions.
  4. Digitalcash is another Bitcoin backed cryptocurrency. The developers of the payment system have achieved that confirmation of transactions does not come in 10 minutes, but instantly.
  5. Monero is a cryptocurrency that promises users a high degree of privacy protection.
  6. NEM is one of the youngest systems (in operation since 2016), having the most popularity and support in Japan.
  7. Ripple (Ripple) is one of the few cryptocurrencies that works thanks to its unique developments, and not on copying the Bitcoin infrastructure.
  8. Stellar – appeared as an offshoot of Ripple, but now operates independently. Combines a payment system and a currency exchange exchange.
  9. ByteCoin is a cryptocurrency with one of the lowest rates against the dollar and the ruble of all presented.

Online cryptocurrency rates are adjusted (in real time), based on the data of recent transactions on the world’s virtual exchanges and exchange services (BTC-e, Kraken, etc.). Changes in the price for one currency unit for different periods are reflected in the graph.

Most popular news 2021

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