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Over 300 WordPress Sites ...

Over 300 WordPress Sites Profit From Cryptocurrencies

  • The number of downloads of the cryptocurrency plugin from the studio of Tim Draper has exceeded 300 pieces.

  • The exact amount of cryptocurrency turnover remains unknown.

  • Cryptocurrency community hopes to solve virtual currency adoption problem website builders.

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Earlier, venture studio Draper Goren Holm of Bitcoin cryptocurrency supporter Tim Draper introduced a WordPress plugin for cryptocurrency turnover.

Cryptocurrency plugin from venture studio Draper Goren Holm allows over 300 WordPress site owners to earn cryptocurrency as passive income. Alon Goren, the lead developer and one of the founders of the Draper Goren Holm venture studio, announced this on his Twitter page..

“Just checked that there are over 300 downloads of the WordPress cryptocurrency exchange plugin already !!! This means that besides me (and @TotleCrypto), there are over 300 sites on the Internet that exchange tokens, “Goren wrote..

However, the exact amount of turnover of cryptocurrency assets through the WordPress plugin remains unknown..

California studio Draper Goren Holm launched a cryptocurrency plugin called Cryptocurrency Exchange this April.

The plugin will allow you to integrate cryptocurrency exchange functionality on the WordPress CMS in one click.

Mass product

According to Goren, the plugin is based on Totle technology, owned by Draper Goren Holm..

The idea of ​​the exchanger is to automatically search for users at the best price for transactions with tokens.

Website operators can choose whether to charge or not charge service fees and customize the plugin’s open source code.

It is possible to increase cryptocurrency capital not only through long-term investments.

Over 300 WordPress Sites ...

Learn more about day trading in a series of articles on the StormGain cryptocurrency exchange.

The product has support for a wide range of cryptocurrency wallets, including Metamask, Brave, and Coinbase Wallet.

According to the plugin’s official description, the Totle API allows web developers to “integrate complex exchange functions into the product” for the ETH cryptocurrency and other popular altcoins based on the ERC20 protocol.

Finding the best solution

This is far from the only cryptocurrency plugin for CMS WordPress..

Previously BeInCrypto editors reported, that Ripple Labs sponsored Coil has released a WordPress plugin to monetize content.

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With the Coil Web Moneization plugin, users can subscribe with support for over 50 assets, including cryptocurrencies.

What do you think? Will WordPress cryptocurrency plugins contribute to wider cryptocurrency adoption?? Share your thoughts in comments and join the discussion in our Telegram channel.


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Over 300 WordPress Sites ...

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