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Novogratz launches training course ...

Novogratz launches a cryptocurrency training course for financial consultants

  • Novogratz launches its own course on cryptocurrency

  • Education will help investors understand how MTC works

  • Investors have increased their deposits in cryptocurrency

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Mike Novogratz, a well-known crypto enthusiast, is confident that Bitcoin will become the main investment vehicle for financial advisors. That’s why Galaxy Digital, run by an expert, is launching a dedicated training course for financiers and investment advisors..

Novogratz will teach how to handle bitcoin


Galaxy Digital recently announced a partnership with CAIS Education, a financial products platform that specializes in connecting institutional investors – financial advisors, hedge funds, private equity – to alternative investments and products. The first phase of the new partnership will be the launch of a training course for investment experts. And although the market offers various options for investing in cryptocurrencies, the rules for investing in bitcoin will form the basis of the course. Thus, Novogratz wants to raise the financial awareness of advisers about cryptocurrencies and their capabilities..

As Novogratz himself admitted, he is quite pleased with such cooperation. After all, now the investment nature of bitcoin will be understood by those who have direct access to huge amounts of money – investment advisors. The expert is confident that such a partnership will expand the horizons for investing in cryptocurrencies on the part of institutional investors.

Institutional Investors Invest in Cryptocurrency


According to the latest Trader Commitment report submitted by CME, a world-renowned derivatives exchange that hosts bitcoin trading contracts, the number of open short positions on BTC has increased significantly. That is, large institutional investors are confident that the cryptocurrency market will fall.

Novogratz launches training course ...

According to CryptoUnfolded, a source that monitored institutional investor activity, the number of short positions in the market increased from 650 BTC to 1,859 BTC. Institutional traders last increased their short positions to such values ​​in February, just weeks before the March crash.

Experts predict a rise in the value of bitcoin to the level of $ 20,000. This is facilitated by several factors, the main of which is the growth of open interest in futures. According to Bloomberg analysts, Bitcoin futures, which are now actively traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), also work to support the price of the cryptocurrency. Open interest in bitcoin futures contracts especially increased when the coin broke through the $ 10,000 milestone. Experts believe that this factor will be one of the decisive factors in the rise in the price of MTC. Today, more and more institutional investors are ready to invest in cryptocurrency derivatives trading.


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Novogratz launches training course ...

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