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Nintendo Switch adapted for cryptocurrency mining

Nintendo Switch adapted for cryptocurrency mining

  • Game on Nintendo Switch console allegedly mined cryptocurrency

  • Developers deny the possibility of malware

  • Nintendo has removed the game from the online store

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Rumors surfaced over the weekend that the video game Cooking Mama: Cookstar was secretly running cryptojacking malware on the Nintendo Switch console. The developers have denied these rumors, but Nintendo still removed the game from its eShop..

The game was removed a few hours after release

Fears that Cooking Mama is secretly mining cryptocurrency emerged after a user posted a complaint on Reddit. Other users have noted that the console gets hot and drains the battery while playing. The game was removed from the Nintendo online store just hours after its March 26 release. Then Reddit moderators deleted this post.

The game’s developer, 1st Playable, denied the rumors, stating:

“As developers, we can say with confidence that the code does not contain any cryptocurrencies, data collection technologies, blockchains or any other suspicious components. Nintendo Switch is the most secure platform, without any of the data and privacy concerns that some mobile and PC games have. “.

Interestingly, when Cooking Mama: Cookstar was first announced, a press release noted that it would include blockchain technology. However, the developers commented on this information on Twitter, writing that they did not know anything about this statement..

This is a release from Feb 2019, and we presume hypothetical like most releases about blockchain are. Blockchain was never brought up to us developers, and we were entertained to hear about in late 2019. Not happening anytime soon.

– 1st Playable (@ 1stPlayable) April 5, 2020

They noted that we are talking about a February 2019 release, and neither in it nor in other releases has ever used blockchain technology..

Some analysts argue that the game does not contain cryptocurrency-related features. Programmer SimonTime tweeted that the Cooking Mama franchise has been around since 2006 and includes many titles..

I keep seeing rumors about there being a cryptominer in Cooking Mama: Cookstar, and due to its inclusion, it was pulled from the eShop.
After some RE work, I can safely say there is no cryptominer / blockchain stuff anywhere within Cooking Mama: Cookstar’s code.

– SimonTime (@itssimontime) April 5, 2020

It is available on many Nintendo devices as well as iOS.

Nintendo Switch adapted for cryptocurrency mining

Rumors of malware aside, the quick removal of the game from the eShop suggests that there is clearly something wrong with the latest release. Of course, a more detailed explanation of the reasons for what happened will help restore the game’s reputation..

Cryptojacking is gaining momentum

Cryptocurrency mining malware is a growing concern. It is most often installed on websites where it quietly performs background mining during user visits.

Nintendo Switch adapted for cryptocurrency mining

More sophisticated versions are embedded in apps and dashboards, and can mine cryptocurrency on victims’ devices indefinitely. Therefore, the emergence of hidden miners on other devices such as game consoles is not surprising..


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