Billionaire hedge fund investor Paul Tudor Jones: Bitcoin is a ‘great speculation’


New Bitcoin Retail Fund ...

Bitcoin’s new retail fund will allow investors to learn more about cryptocurrency

  • Investment company Raiz wants to acquaint investors with MTC

  • Millennials are actively investing in cryptocurrency

  • Despite the March cryptocurrency crash, investors do not lose interest in MTC

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Investment company Raiz Invest announced the launch of a new service for their clients – investing in bitcoin. The corporation says the new asset portfolio, dubbed Sapphire, will make it easier to invest in cryptocurrency.

Investors should learn about MTC


However, as explained in the company, bitcoin will take only 5% of the investment instruments in the portfolio. The rest will be traded funds (ETN), such as stocks and other securities. Thus, Raiz Invest wants to familiarize its clients, whom it has served for decades, with new investment assets. Raiz CEO George Lucas is confident that this approach will help investors take a fresh look at cryptocurrencies and change their thinking from traditional to innovative..

“The main goal of the Sapphire portfolio is to make bitcoin public and known among investors, while taking into account and neutralizing possible risks,” said Lucas.

In addition, according to the head of Raiz Invest, many millennials tend to spend fiat money to buy currency, so investment companies should adapt to the client and offer them tools for investing in cryptocurrencies..

“Many of our buyers are millennials who have time to choose funding alternatives like Sapphire’s long-term portfolio. Sapphire’s portfolio is another example of how Raiz listens to our clients and gives them alternative and control where they invest, especially as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, they usually want to rethink their funding choices, ”said George Lucas.

More and more funds are investing in bitcoins


After the March sale and “Bloody Thursday”, many cryptocurrency funds have not been able to recover.

“In March, crypto funds lost an average of 26.2%.

New Bitcoin Retail Fund ...

It was the second worst month for companies since 2015.

New Bitcoin Retail Fund ...

Hedge funds have lost only 8.4% of their funds, ”says Hedge fund research group HFR in a statement..

However, such statistics do not scare investors, and they are ready to invest in cryptocurrencies..

New Bitcoin Retail Fund ...

For example, institutional investment in a fund Grayscale peaked. Grayscale notes that many of the investors see digital assets as a medium to long-term investment opportunity and use such assets as the main component for investment portfolios..

Inflows of more than $ 500 million indicate that demand among institutions is reaching new peaks even in a turbulent market.



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