How Criminals are using Gift Cards to Launder Money


Money was laundered in Ukraine through the cadastral blockchain

  • Ukraine announced the failure of using blockchain for transparency of cadastral accounting

  • International donor funds were simply laundered, says the head of the State Geocadastre of Ukraine

  • The country is actively moving to the blockchain rails

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The head of the State Geocadastre of Ukraine believes that international donor funds were simply “well laundered” using blockchain technology in the cadastral market.

The blockchain project planned to increase transparency and reduce bureaucracy for the cadastral system of Ukraine is a common fake. This was stated in an interview with “EP” by the head of the State Service for Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre of Ukraine (State Geocadastre) Roman Leshchenko.

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According to Leshchenko, the blockchain-based land registry of Ukraine turned out to be a “fake”, since it was not protected from outside interference, including changes in its intended purpose:

“The blockchain system is a fake. It just caught the eye. The blockchain system works when you have correctly entered information into the inventory system or any other information system. And when your cadastre is not completely filled, and agricultural land, for example, right in the Dnieper River, or an island appears from nowhere in the cadastre, then it does not work “.

New generation laundering

The head of the State Geocadastre believes that using the technology not for its intended purpose in Ukraine, they simply “laundered” the funds of international partners:

“The international donor funds were just well laundered on this project..

Money was laundered in Ukraine through the cadastral blockchain

They simply used our international partners “.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, together with the State Agency for Electronic Governance and Transparency International (TI) Ukraine, in October 2017 presented an updated State Land Registry based on blockchain technology.

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The TI Ukraine website reports that the implementation of the technology “will ensure reliable synchronization of data, make it impossible to replace them as a result of external interference, guarantee transparency, and will also provide an opportunity to exercise public control over the system.”.

Quality guarantee

It is noteworthy that the former head of TI Ukraine Yaroslav Yurchishin said that the organization was not involved in the creation of the project at all, but had only to control the development process.

“We were invited as a controller, but there was nothing to control.

Money was laundered in Ukraine through the cadastral blockchain

TI did not receive a dime for this project, the funds went through the state, ”said Yurchyshyn, currently the People’s Deputy of Ukraine..

Ukraine has long set its sights on the course of total blockchain. The BeInCrypto editorial staff previously reported that the head of the State Environmental Inspection of Ukraine, Andriy Malevany, announced a reform of the department, within the framework of which inspection offices based on the blockchain would be created..

Then Malevany said that by the end of the year, with the help of digitalization of the department, inspectors should gain access through smartphones or tablets to the automated control system..

Money was laundered in Ukraine through the cadastral blockchain

For the implementation of the reform, the head of the inspectorate intends to receive 20 million UAH (54.6 million rubles) by the end of 2020.

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