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LocalBitcoins Platform Freezes Coronavirus Victims’ Accounts

  • Platform clients have lost access to funds and crypto wallets

  • LocalBitcoins users massively complain about strict checks and bans by administrators

  • Coronavirus victims left without income and livelihood

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LocalBitcoin, a peer-to-peer bitcoin trading network for local currencies of various countries, has decided to “freeze” the wallets of users who are in the outbreaks of the coronavirus. This message appeared on the official page of the company in Reddit.

One of the users of the platform asked that a sufficient number of bitcoins remained on his account, which were simply blocked, and to unblock it, you must provide a paper with the seal and signature of an authorized person, that the city is not in quarantine.

LocalBitcoins Platform Freezes ...

It is not clear from whom exactly to get such a document and how to do it. The post was deleted without any comments by the group admin, after which a discussion on the issue began on Reddit.

Offended users accused LocalBitcoins of speculating on the tragedy. Many wrote that bitcoin is possibly the last funds of people who find themselves in a quarantined city, and they cannot spend their own coins on a ticket, medicine or other goods..

The official version for refusing to withdraw bitcoins from the platform was the passage of the second level of identification. Although the users themselves do not believe in this and believe that the organizers of the platform are acting unethically by blocking people’s funds in such a difficult time.

So, a user with the nickname Jaded-Good wrote that for many people, Bitcoin is the only way to save their money. LocalBitcoins must understand their responsibilities. The fact that they create account problems during quarantine shows them from a very bad side..

Later, the author of the post himself responded, who explained the essence of the situation. So, a user under the nickname ZZZ-ZZZ reported the following:

“This is actually a story about me and my wife. Our money is blocked and we are stuck in South America with no chance of getting home. And all this happened at the last moment, so now we have no chance of leaving the country. The borders are closed, all other flights have been canceled. Thanks a lot, Localbitcoin…. PS. I only joined Reddit today and I don’t know if that helps, but I really hope! I will give some evidence of my story a little later, ”the message says..

While LocalBitcoins do not comment on the current situation in any way and continue to pretend that nothing happened.


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LocalBitcoins Platform Freezes ...
LocalBitcoins Platform Freezes ...

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