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Hackers have stolen the data of users of cryptocurrency Liquid

  • The approximate amount of stolen data remains unknown

  • The exchange warns of a wave of phishing attacks

  • The attacker was able to get the encrypted passwords of users, but access to cryptocurrencies remains safe, according to Liquid

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An attacker was able to gain access to the data of the exchange clients due to the fact that the hosting incorrectly transferred ownership of the domain

Cryptocurrency exchange Liquid faced user database leak.

Hackers have stolen the data of users of cryptocurrency Liquid

The exchange announced this on its official website. It is reported that on November 13, as part of the process of transferring ownership of the exchange domain, the hosting provider mistakenly transferred control to some attacker..

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Having gained access, the unknown was able to change DNS records and compromise the exchange infrastructure in order to gain access to the document repository. The exchange claims that the untimely notification of users about the leak of confidential data is due to the desire to understand the whole problem of the situation..

“Before notifying customers, we wanted to make sure that we understand the situation and its possible impact on you,” – says the blog exchange.

Liquid assured that all user funds as well as hardware wallets of the exchange remain safe..

Identity theft

According to preliminary information, the attacker was able to obtain user data, including an email address, name, address, and an encrypted password from the Liquid account. It remains unknown whether the attacker got access to personal documents necessary for passing KYC.

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Liquid suggests that with personal data of users, an attacker can start spamming email addresses or carry out a series of phishing attacks..

Hackers have stolen the data of users of cryptocurrency Liquid

Phishing attempts can be more sophisticated and difficult to detect when an attacker gains access to personal information, Liquid admits..

The collection of confidential data by trading platforms is due to pressure from regulators who intend to suppress money laundering and terrorist financing. This method of combating illegal activity has repeatedly put the safety of users themselves at risk..

Hackers have stolen the data of users of cryptocurrency Liquid

At the same time, the number of cryptocurrency owners has grown threefold over the past two years: from 35 million in 2018 to 101 million in the third quarter of 2020..

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