Ethereum Classic Follows Its Sibling’s Footsteps With Phoenix Hard Fork


Ethereum Classic crashed due to Phoenix fork

  • ETH fork caused network desynchronization

  • The bug did not affect the work of exchanges

  • ETC is one step closer to ETH

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This was reported by the company itself, contacting the owners of the Ethereum Classic nodes. As the message says, the error caused Parity Ethereum to get out of sync with the ETC blockchain

The error did not affect the work of the exchanges


The developer company urges the owners of Ethereum Classic nodes running the OpenEthereum v3.0.0 client to urgently update to the current version 3.0.1. It was released almost immediately after a network outage caused by the Phoenix hard fork. As a result, Parity Ethereum got out of sync with the ETC blockchain. However, as stated in Ethereum, the problem was identified in time, so the separation between the components was avoided..

“OpenEthereum continues to send blocks into a single chain, the problem is only in the delay of confirmed transactions and the involuntary reorganization of the blockchain,” the message says..

At the same time, this error did not affect the work of exchanges, which accept and withdraw ETH without restriction..

Ethereum Classic crashed due to Phoenix fork

Information about the missing coins and transactions has not yet been reported..

The bug affected only Parity Ethereum programs and did not affect the work of the Core-geth client..

Lumpy third fork

As a reminder, Phoenix’s hard fork was the third in a year. The Ethereum Classic (ETC) development team has activated the latest update in a series of hard forks designed to enhance interoperability and interoperability with the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain mainnet. Atlanta and Agharta forks were previously held.

The technical coordinator of the project, Stephen Lohja, announced that this fork in the cryptocurrency world is, in fact, a change in the blockchain protocol. Since cryptocurrencies operate on decentralized networks, all parties…

Ethereum Classic crashed due to Phoenix fork

More has brought all the features of the ETC network and the latest Ethereum Istanbul update, including applications and tools, into absolute technical alignment. Yet the networks are not identical and retain their unique differences..

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) team believes this update will kickstart technological breakthroughs, innovation and research.

“Phoenix is ​​the third fork activated on the Ethereum Classic network over the past year. Atlantis, Agharta and Phoenix have completed a mission to bring ETC-ETH closer together, which paves the way for new research and innovation, ”the press release said..

Time will tell whether ETC gets closer to ETH or not. But now the company is more concerned about possible difficulties in the operation of the system after a mistake..


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Ethereum Classic crashed due to Phoenix fork

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