Dogecoin Going VIRAL Due to TIKTOK Challenges


Dogecoin Rally Rally With TikTok Challenge

  • TikTok users launch a challenge to pump up the Dogecoin rate.

  • Challenge initiators want to hike the coin’s value to $ 1 and get rich.

  • Over the past day, the DOGE rate has grown by 17.5%.

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Dogecoin has risen in price by almost 20%. The reason for this rally was the viral challenge on TikTok, urging users to pump the currency rate..

“And what, it was possible?”

Dogecoin (DOGE) has skyrocketed 17.5% in the last 24 hours and nearly 20% in the last week. It is curious that the current rally of the asset, which was originally invented as a joke meme, also turned out to be due to the joke #DogecoinTiktokChallange challenge launched on TikTok.

The initiators of the challenge openly urge users to join the pump, or pump, of the DOGE course up to the $ 1 mark.

The popular viral video under the aforementioned hashtag has already gained about half a million views. It was published five days ago by user jamezg97 and in plain text encouraged users to follow the classic market pump scheme:

“Let’s all get rich together! Dogecoin is now almost worthless.

Dogecoin Rally Rally With TikTok Challenge

TikTok has 800 million users. As soon as the course reaches $ 1, you will receive $ 10,000. Tell everyone you know “.

At the time of publication, the DOGE rate was about $ 0.0023.

In another video, user kindashortidiot explains against the background of the DOGE chart that it is not necessary to understand the intricacies of investing to participate in the launched challenge. “You just put in $ 25 and you get $ 10,000,” he says, urging everyone to “just try” and join the pump.

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Recall that the coin was created back in 2013 by the American programmer Billy Markus based on the popular meme and was originally conceived as a “comic” cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin Rally Rally With TikTok Challenge

Meanwhile, this did not prevent her from firmly establishing herself in the crypto space and even building a permanent community of users on Reddit and Twitter. One of the most famous fans of this coin was Elon Musk..

And now, while people are just having fun in the TikTok service, the Dogecoin rate really started to grow, which also led to a noticeable increase in the capitalization of this cryptocurrency..

Dogecoin Rally Rally With TikTok Challenge

At the time of this writing, the value of the coin was $ 0.002777 (+ 17.55% over the last 24 hours), and its market capitalization reached $ 348,000 829 USD, giving Dogecoin 33rd place in the Coinmarketcap rating.

Against the background of the current excitement, a number of service users have already begun to urge the participants in the challenge to prudence, explaining that it will be very difficult to accelerate the currency rate to $ 1 with its current volume of circulating supply over 125 billion coins. Also, do not forget that aggressive pumping is usually followed by a reset.


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