Dogecoin cryptocurrency helps hackers mine Monero

Dogecoin cryptocurrency helps hackers mine Monero

  • Hackers create a botnet using Dogecoin and mine cryptocurrency on other people’s computers

  • Attackers gain access to the API using DOGE wallets

  • The attack continues amid unexpected popularity of the coin

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The Dogecoin story isn’t limited to TikTok ads or Elon Musk’s jokes. Hackers choose meme cryptocurrency to control mining malware.

Hackers control malware on Linux operating systems, Intezer Labs said for mining cryptocurrency Monero using Dogecoin meme coin. Analyzing the relatively new Doki backdoor Trojan virus, they discovered that it is being used to attack public web servers for mining..

How it works

But there is also a key difference. It turned out that hackers – part of the Ngrok group – had come up with a new method of using Dogecoin wallets to infiltrate web servers. This coin is used in this way for the first time..

“Doki is using a previously unknown method to contact the operator, using the Dogecoin cryptocurrency blockchain to dynamically generate its C2 domain address,” says Intezer Labs in a report..

Attackers target C&C servers (C2).

Dogecoin cryptocurrency helps hackers mine Monero

They are used to control compromised systems on the target network and can include smartphones, PCs, and any other devices connected to the internet..

Using Dogecoin transactions, attackers were able to change C2 addresses on unprotected computers by launching bots to mine Monero. This allowed them to constantly change their (online) location, thus keeping them out of the sight of law enforcement..

Why Dogecoin

Why did they prefer this method? According to Intezer, security firms needed to access the hacker’s Dogecoin wallet in order to destroy Doki, which is “impossible” to do without knowing the wallet’s secret keys..

And, apparently, this scheme still works. Intezer noted that Doki has been active since January this year, but goes unnoticed on all 60 VirusTotal scanning programs used on Linux servers..
However, the attack is not over yet..

Dogecoin cryptocurrency helps hackers mine Monero

Intezer Labs said docker servers have been increasingly targeted by malware operators and “especially cryptocurrency mining groups” over the past few months.

To protect against the Ngrok botnet, in particular, critical application programming interfaces (APIs) must be disconnected from the Internet..



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