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Crypto scammers launched a campaign around the 2021 Olympics

  • Scammers Now Collect Donations To Support Japan On The World Stage.

  • For those who donate cryptocurrency, scammers promise to provide 30% discount on tickets to the Olympic Games.

  • Recently, crypto scams have been increasingly emphasized on the agenda, coming up with new shadow schemes..

International consortium of news organizations, developing transparency standards.

Cryptocurrency scammers are becoming more sophisticated every year and are exploring various opportunities to take possession of other people’s funds.

This time the scammers decided to take advantage of the postponed Olympic Games in Japan.

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro says crooks are now posing as the Olympic Games committee team.

Phishing letters sent from Japan contain a request to send a donation in cryptocurrency to support the activities of organizations.

As you know, the Olympic Games in Japan were suspended due to the raging coronavirus pandemic.

Crypto scammers launched a campaign around the 2021 Olympics

Scheduled for 2020, Tokyo Olympics have been pushed back to July 2021.

A national issue

The letters say that a lot of money has been invested in the preparation of the event, and voluntary donations will be used to cover the costs associated with the preparation of the event, hotel reservations and flights..

The letters also added that donations in cryptocurrency will help preserve Japan’s image internationally..

The fraudsters also claim that if they do not reach the required amount of funding, which, however, is not indicated anywhere, then the reputation of the Japanese people will be tarnished..

Crypto scammers launched a campaign around the 2021 Olympics

Scammers claim this could lead to the total cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics.

The phishing industry

In order to further involve their victims, scammers claim that those who donate funds in cryptocurrency will be able to get a 30% discount on tickets to the Olympic Games..

This is not the first time that cryptocurrency scammers are trying to cash in on topical topics through phishing schemes. Previously, for example, fraudsters presented themselves as the World Health Organization (WHO) Solidarity Response Fund for the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus..

Then the scammers collected donations in bitcoin to fight the coronavirus.

Sometimes shadow schemes reach truly massive proportions.

BeInCrypto’s editors have already written that the attackers have developed nine QR code generators at once for sending cryptocurrency funds.

As it turned out, all nine generators always produced the same QR code, allowing fraudsters to get funds from victims..

What do you think? Should Olympiad officials refute any cryptocurrency donations or, on the contrary, actively start accepting? Share with us with your thoughts in the comments.


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Crypto scammers launched a campaign around the 2021 Olympics

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