How your phone will track coronavirus

Coronavirus in the phone: a new application for monitoring the situation with COVID-19

  • The new application will allow predicting the development of epidemics in the future

  • The program generates tactics of actions during an emergency

  • Artificial intelligence will help officials make decisions

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A group of developers from Spain, which includes more than 100 people, is developing a mobile application that can predict the spread of coronavirus infection and will help to take measures to block certain areas. The new program is developed on the basis of blockchain with support for artificial intelligence technology.

The app, which was created with support from the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute and the Salamanca Institute for Biomedical Research, is currently in the proof-of-concept stage. The app uses blockchain to store and verify digital IDs and licenses for individuals to complete certain tasks, such as returning to work or visiting the supermarket during quarantine, as stated in the official statement. Each person has a special form of certificate recorded on the blockchain and each person will have a corresponding private key for their identity.

In fact, the application tracks the movement of people during quarantine who have already had a coronavirus infection, are at risk or are sick now, but are on outpatient treatment. The app also uses the Deep Intelligence AI platform to predict the future behavior of the coronavirus. It brings together information from scientific journals and news agencies, as well as health data.

Coronavirus in the phone: new ...

The artificial intelligence then analyzes the data and generates predictions for healthcare professionals and government officials..

The application is capable of generating ready-made instructions for behavior in a particular situation related to the spread of coronavirus infection. Doctors and politicians can only approve these recommendations or deny.

Team leaders Juan Manuel Corchado and Javier Prieto explained the importance of this application:

Technology will be able to support healthcare workers by providing information that can be used in decision-making.

Coronavirus in the phone: new ...

For example, if the data shows an increase in COVID-19 cases, officials can decide whether to place quarantine zones in the area or not..

The team hopes that the information gathered and recorded will help shed light on future pandemics and help suppress them. Currently, scientists are also looking for funding to implement the idea..

Note that this is not the first blockchain application designed to prevent the coronavirus epidemic. Previously, PwC launched a personal identification tool that allows you to store the results of COVID-19 tests on the blockchain and access them in real time. Canadian startup Emerge launches Civitas, software that uses blockchain to track and manage home orders from local authorities around the world.



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Coronavirus in the phone: new ...

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