BitDigital mined 739 bitcoins in the third quarter

  • BitDigital announced the production of 739 bitcoins in the third quarter of this year

  • The total profit from mining bitcoins approached $ 8 million

  • ClearSpark bought a data center for bitcoin mining

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One of the largest bitcoin mining companies BitDigital mined 739 bitcoins in the third quarter of this year.

BitDigital calculates profit

BitDigital company has summed up the results of work for the 3rd quarter of this year The official announcement says that in the third quarter, the company mined 739 bitcoins worth $ 7.91 million. In the reporting period, the company bought almost 18,000 more miners..

“In December 2020, we closed the acquisition of 17,996 miners with a total hash rate of 1003.5 Ph / s for the amount of 13,902,742 USD..

BitDigital mined 739 bitcoins in the third quarter

The purchase funds were obtained through the sale of 4,344,711 ordinary shares with a par value of USD 0.01. The company’s total hash power has increased by about 1,003.5 Ph / s, from 1,250 Ph / s to 2,253.5 Ph / s. The average energy efficiency of these miners is 47.45 (+/- 5%) joules per terahash (J / TH), ”the company said..

As soon as the company commissions the new equipment, the overall energy efficiency will decrease from 61.88 (+/- 5%) J / TH to 55.33 (+/- 5%) by 10.59% at 124 megawatts of energy. In total, 17996 miners were purchased in December 2020: 7025 Antminer S17 +, 9110 Antminer T17, 195 Antminer S17E, 32 Antminer S17Pro, 105 Antminer S19Pro, 1429 Whatsminer M20S and 100 Whatsminer M31S.

Since the beginning of the year, the company has mined 1,331.2 bitcoins worth over $ 16.50 million .

“We will continue to invest in hardware to increase hash rates as a percentage of the total computing power provided by all members of the mining pool. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Sichuan, PRC.

BitDigital mined 739 bitcoins in the third quarter

In September 2020, we launched production in Nebraska and Texas, “the company said..

CleanSpark is going to mine bitcoins

CleanSpark, a leading software and management technology company, announces acquisition of ATL Data Center.

The company previously announced that it intends to deploy its proprietary microgrid software in the data center for increased capacity, energy savings and resiliency.. 

CleanSpark hopes in this way to set an example for other mining companies who will appreciate the effectiveness of its solutions for microgrids using various energy sources..

“By leveraging proprietary microgrid technology, CleanSpark expects to increase bitcoin production while lowering overall energy costs, thereby increasing overall profitability,” the company said..

CleanSpark has mined 10 bitcoins over the past week. At the current value of the cryptocurrency, the profit from mining is $ 229,930.


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BitDigital mined 739 bitcoins in the third quarter

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