Bitcoins stolen from Bitfinex are back in motion


Bitcoins stolen from BitFinex are back in motion

Bitcoins stolen from BitFinex are back in motion

  • Scammers began to withdraw stolen bitcoins

  • Hackers not only steal, but also troll exchanges

  • Scammers have robbed several exchanges and DeFi protocols since the beginning of the year

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Several years after the BitFinex cryptocurrency exchange was hacked and about 120 thousand bitcoins were stolen, hackers continue to move coins to other wallets. It is symbolic that the cryptocurrency began to move in August – almost on the day of the four-year anniversary of the incident.

Whale Alert tracked the movement of stolen funds

Four years ago, hackers gained access to crypto wallets and withdrew 119,756 bitcoins from the BitFinex exchange. According to a series of tweets posted by Whale Alert on August 3, 2020, unknown persons moved 620 bitcoins (about $ 7 million) in multiple transactions. Earlier, on July 29, unknown persons transferred over $ 5 million worth of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoins stolen from BitFinex are back in motion

All funds, according to Whale Alert, are associated with the wallets of hackers who hacked the BitFinex cryptocurrency exchange in August 2016.

Recall that in the period from July 27 to 28, 17 more transactions for $ 51 million were carried out from the same wallets.The total amount of transferred funds amounted to about $ 120 million.

As a reminder, hackers hacked the platform on August 2, 2016 by hackers. They managed to steal 119,756 BTC (about $ 72 million at the exchange rate on the day of theft). As of this writing, the amount of stolen bitcoins in dollar terms is $ 1.3 billion.

Arrogant hackers laugh at stolen stock exchanges

Hackers have not only learned how to remotely hack the wallets of cryptocurrency exchanges, but also happily troll the victims. Earlier, BeInCrypto reported that scammers hacked the decentralized lending protocol, and then returned part of the funds in the amount of $ 126,000 in the form of PAX stablecoins. They also attached the message “Better Future”. The joke is that the rarely used PAX has a “better future” than The rest of the stolen funds have not yet been returned.

There have also been several major exchange hacks since the start of the year. In April 2020, hackers hacked the wallets of the Bisq cryptocurrency exchange and withdrew at least about 3 BTC and 4000 XRM.

In July of this year, the management of the Cashaa cryptocurrency exchange announced a hacker attack, as a result of which 336 BTC worth over $ 3.1 million were stolen from the company’s wallet.

Bitcoins stolen from BitFinex are back in motion

According to the organization, the wallet that held the exchange’s funds was hacked via a remote attack and 336 BTC were taken to an unknown address, presumably registered in Delhi, India. The security service of the exchange reported that two transactions were carried out, and all the money in the wallet was lost.

The popular manufacturer of hardware cryptocurrency wallets Ledger fell victim to an attack by cybercriminals who managed to steal about 1 million email addresses. According to the official announcement, July 14, 2020, an unknown tester of the official Ledger website ( was able to detect an API flaw that violates data security.


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