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Bitcoin is more stable than dollar – CoinShares top manager

  • Bitcoin has become more stable than the US dollar

  • Large investors buy bitcoin to protect assets from inflation

  • US dollars steel "dry powder" on the world market

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Meltem Demirors, chief strategy officer at CoinShares, said bitcoin is more stable than the US dollar, and the lack of access to BTC is now a “career risk” for investment companies and funds..

Bitcoin was invented in case of alarm

CoinShares Strategy Director Meltem Demirors believes that the coronavirus pandemic has shown the global community the benefits of using cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was specifically designed “for unprecedented events,” such as inflation, she said. According to her, traditional assets can collapse if the market situation changes, while Bitcoin remains stable..

US Federal Reserve prints dollars to cover medical, social and financial costs.

Bitcoin is more stable than dollar - CoinShares top manager

However, the uncontrolled emission led to a crisis. Demirors called the US dollar “gunpowder”, that is, funds that lie in stock and await investment.

“The whole world has lost ground, and bitcoin, on the contrary, has become less volatile,” said Meltem Demirors.

In addition, Demirors believes that now investment funds and companies should focus their efforts on cryptocurrency. And if earlier investments in bitcoin were considered risky, today the lack of access to cryptocurrencies can become a “career risk”, as more and more large investors are ready to invest in these assets.

Bitcoin is more stable than dollar - CoinShares top manager

Note that this year companies such as Square, MicroStrategy, Grayscale invested millions of dollars in bitcoin, which also contributed to the growth of the bitcoin rate above $ 24,000.

Bitcoin has become a defensive asset

The opinion of Meltem Demirors regarding Bitcoin is shared by other experts. Most large Bitcoin holders regard cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflationary risks.

Major players still invest in bitcoin even though it is clearly overbought.

Bitcoin is more stable than dollar - CoinShares top manager

This is the conclusion reached by the head of the analytical resource CryptoQuant Ki Yong Joo. He cites over-the-counter (OTC) trades to support his theory..

Bitcoin is more stable than dollar - CoinShares top manager

According to the CEO of CryptoQuant, a large outflow of bitcoin from exchanges like Coinbase usually means that players are transferring coins to cold wallets for long-term storage..

For tracking OTC trades, the head of CryptoQuant recommends keeping an eye on the rate of tokens being moved. If it grows, and the flow of money to the exchanges remains the same or falls, we are dealing with a growing volume of OTC trading..


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