Exploring the Arctic’s Global Seed Vault


Bitcoin code was placed in 'Doomsday vault'

Bitcoin code was placed in “Doomsday vault”

  • Bitcoin ecosystem code is now stored at a depth of 130 meters

  • The repository contains the source codes of the main IT products of mankind

  • In the Ice Archives, the code can survive for almost 1000 years

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Bitcoin’s source code is 130 meters deep and can be preserved for at least 1000 years.

One of the largest online hosting services for IT projects, GitHub, has added the entire Bitcoin technology ecosystem code to the Doomsday Vault as part of the GitHub Archive Program.

The Svalbard World Seed Vault, often referred to as the Doomsday Vault, is located in the Arctic Ocean in the northernmost part of Norway – the Svalbard archipelago.

The worldwide seed storage was originally established in 2006 under the auspices of the United Nations solely to preserve the planting material of all agricultural plants in the world. The project was funded by Norway and cost her $ 9 million.

GitHub, presumably, will store the source code of the Bitcoin technology as well as the source code of other projects – on an ultra-resistant film coated with a powder mixture based on iron oxide..

According to the manufacturer, the film can be stored for 750 years under normal conditions and up to 2000 years in a cold place with a low oxygen content.

In addition to Bitcoin’a, the repository contains projects such as Linux, Android, Rust, Bootstrap, Angular, MS-DOS, WordPress, jQuery and many others..

Main bunker of the apocalypse

GitHub began storing source codes for large IT projects in Svalbard starting in October 2019. The main purpose of such archiving is to ensure long-term storage of software..

“We will protect this invaluable knowledge by permanently storing multiple copies in various formats and data storage locations, including a very long-term archive for at least 1000 years,” the campaign’s official website says..

It is estimated that GitHub will store about 200 reels, with 120 GB of capacity each.

Price realities

Meanwhile, it looks like Bitcoin has ended up inside a symmetrical triangle..

Bitcoin code was placed in 'Doomsday vault'

This is, of course, a favorable scenario for the development of the price of the largest cryptocurrency by capitalization..

However, there is also a possibility that Bitcoin has formed a head and shoulders pattern and is located at the right shoulder stage.

In this case, a further bearish breakout is possible, and the price will collapse below $ 6,000.

On moment of writing, BTC / USD rate is set at $ 6225.


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Bitcoin code was placed in 'Doomsday vault'

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