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Bitcoin and gold are not the best assets to invest

  • Neither gold nor bitcoin can be considered a defensive asset

  • Bitcoin is dead, says the expert

  • Crypto enthusiasts consider MTC a promising asset

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This is the opinion of Peter Malluk, president and chief investment officer at asset management company Creative Planning. According to the expert, the coronavirus epidemic has shown that both assets are too volatile. Therefore, the best choice would be to invest in government securities..

Don’t buy bitcoins … or buy?


During his speech on CNBC, Peter Malluk lashed out at bitcoin and gold. As he himself argued, during the collapse of the financial, stock and commodity markets, bitcoin and gold showed the smallest fall, but still cannot be considered fully defensive assets..

“There is no need to go into the speculative world. Bitcoin has seen a myriad of ups and downs, ”Malluk said..

Also, the expert does not consider gold to be an effective investment asset..

Bitcoin and gold are not the best assets to invest

And although the precious metal strengthened in price amid the global crisis, nevertheless, its price did not exceed $ 1,700 per ounce. In fact, this means that investments in the object do not bring profit..

Malluk calls government bonds an alternative investment vehicle. But at the same time, the expert himself doubts its correctness, saying that the stock and financial markets are recovering much more slowly than the cryptocurrency market. Malluk also doubts the solvency of states and recommends that investors “just trust” the government..

“Lending money to the state is no different from lending money to your brother. I hope your brother is really economically stable, you lend him money, he is going to return it to you, “said Malluk.

As the main argument against investing in bitcoin, Malluk says that people who have a large number of bitcoins in their arsenal can influence the cryptocurrency rate..

Bitcoin and gold are not the best assets to invest

The value of fiat money is regulated by the state.

Malluk himself is confident that bitcoin will fall in price to $ 3100 by the end of the year.

“Bitcoin is dead” – summed up Malluk.


“Bitcoin is more likely to be alive,” says Tim Draper


Crypto enthusiasts do not share Malluk’s point of view and are confident that in the next 2-3 years the value of the coin will reach $ 100,000.

Bitcoin and gold are not the best assets to invest

For example, this opinion is shared by investor Tim Draper, who invests in bitcoin himself and recommends this to all his followers..

Draper argues that young investors must invest in cryptocurrencies if they want to become financially successful and independent by middle age. This is a new model of the economy that was alien to the people of the baby boomer generation..

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