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Banks discourage customers from investing in bitcoin

Banks discourage customers from investing in bitcoin

  • Banks took up arms against bitcoin

  • Clients Refuse to Invest in Cryptocurrencies after Consulting at JP Morgan

  • Jamie Dimon opposes the Libra stablecoin

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American investment banks JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are openly advocating against investing in cryptocurrencies. This was announced by the top manager of Digital Asset Investment Management (DAIM) Adam Pokornitsky.

Banks discourage customers from investing in bitcoin

The company is engaged in trust management of the assets of its clients, investing them in the most promising industries, including cryptocurrencies.

Banks are afraid of losing customers


As Pokornitsky said on his Twitter page, he had a client who was ready to invest a certain amount of funds in bitcoin. However, after speaking with consultants at JP Morgan Bank, he abruptly changed his mind.

“I asked what they said, and instead of answering, he asked me to explain in one sentence what are the benefits of buying BTC now in terms of proven results,” Adam Pokornitsky wrote on Twitter..

As a result, the deal fell through, and the client changed his mind about investing in crypto assets.

Social network users supported Pokornitsky. In their tweets, they asked not to pay attention to stupid statements or respond in a provocative style: “If you do not understand the value of Bitcoin, then you are not worthy of owning it.”.

Some users admitted that they are also clients of JP Morgan bank and know for sure that the employees of the financial institution themselves invest in bitcoin.

JP Morgan vs. Bitcoin


Note that the management of one of the largest investment banks in America has always been famous for its negative attitude towards cryptocurrencies. Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JPMorgan, has repeatedly called Bitcoin a scam and discouraged investors from investing in Bitcoin, although he did not deny the impact of blockchain on the global economy. Be that as it may, JPMorgan recognized that blockchain has tremendous potential for financial institutions and corporations, but only when they understand how they can benefit from using distributed storage technology..

The bank also warned investors against owning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in investment portfolios..

“The events of the past year have not changed our doubts about the limited role that cryptocurrencies play in the diversification of the global portfolio or as a hedging tool,” the bank said..

After Jamie Dimon failed to collapse the popularity of the PTS with his statements, he began a persecution of Libra. Speaking at a conference of the Institute of International Finance in Washington, he said that this is “an elegant idea that will never be implemented,” writes Bloomberg.

Daimon did not go into details, but noted that stablecoins already exist on the market, and FacebookIn June 2019, Facebook announced preparations for the release of the Libra digital currency. The social network project immediately attracted attention … More did not come up with anything new here.



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Banks discourage customers from investing in bitcoin

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