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Americans will be able to receive salaries in bitcoins

  • Americans will start receiving salaries in bitcoins

  • You can pay with bitcoins taxes, fees, premiums and other payments

  • In China, digital currency payment practice has been operating since May 2020

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The OpenNode platform, which specializes in providing electronic payment services for various business areas, has launched a new feature for converting fiat money into bitcoins. Now employees of firms and companies in Los Angeles will be able to receive salaries in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin salary is already a reality


A new automated service from OpenNode called Payouts in Bitcoins allows employers to adapt different types of payments for cryptocurrencies. For example, users, through their accounts on the platform, can settle accounts with employees and clients not with fiat money, but with bitcoins..

Americans will be able to receive salaries in bitcoins

You can also pay taxes and fees with cryptocurrency, pay a bonus to the best employee, etc. The system also takes into account tax and legal regulations, so all payments will be made in accordance with the laws of the United States..

“With the Bitcoin Payout solution in OpenNode, companies will be able to offer fully automated real-time payments with the ability to either schedule or initiate massive payments, or allow recipients to withdraw funds with the click of a button. The inspiration for this feature was the pain points associated with global payment methods, ”explained Ryan Flowers, Lead Marketer..

The decision to launch the Bitcoin Payments service came after several clients of the company asked OpenNode to create a similar function..

Americans will be able to receive salaries in bitcoins

As Flowers explained, several users personally contacted the company and asked to introduce such functionality, since there was a need to pay bills in cryptocurrency for a long time. Therefore, the decision to create a function of payments in bitcoins was made instantly.

China is ahead of everyone


Note that China became the first state in the world to pay salaries to employees in digital currency. Recall that earlier BeInCrypto reported that in May, employees of the city administration and other government agencies of Suzhou will receive their salaries in DCEP digital currency. In addition, all Chinese local governments and committees are encouraged to sign contracts for DCEP and create special digital wallets where the coins will go..

Americans will be able to receive salaries in bitcoins

4 state-owned banks of Suzhou are issuing new digital currency.

Recall that China began testing its own digital currency last year. Then several large banks and companies entered the pilot project of using CBDC Paper bills and coins may be a thing of the past due to a new financial instrument – central bank digital currency (CBDC). As of … More. And this year, the Chinese government intends to popularize the digital currency among the rest of the population and make it the same payment instrument as the usual fiat yuan..


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