How I Stole $100 Million In Bitcoin At 15


A teenage hacker robbed a businessman for $ 24 million.

Teenage hacker robbed a businessman for $ 24 million.

  • One of "Evil geniuses" able to hack a businessman’s phone

  • The hacker kept the stolen money in his own room

  • Hacker faces $ 71 million fine

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Ellis Pinksy, 15, who was a member of the evil geniuses hacker group, stole $ 24 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

A teenage hacker robbed a businessman for $ 24 million.

The victim of a young hacker was Michael Turpin, CEO of the Transch Group, a blockchain consultancy. The scammer hacked into his phone and withdrew a huge amount of money.

Kara overtook after 3 years


Despite the fact that the young hacker handled Turpin’s phone so cleverly, the police still managed to establish the identity of the culprit. It turned out to be a 15-year-old New Yorker Ellis Pinksy, who for several years was a member of a hacker group and hacked into wallets and computers of large businessmen.

The crime was committed back in 2018, but at that time Pinksy was a minor and could not be prosecuted. However, the victim Turpin did not forget such impudence. Three years later, when the hacker turned 18, Turpin filed a lawsuit in New York court demanding to recover $ 71 million from the hacker in accordance with federal law, which allows three times the amount of damages..


Despite the fact that one of the parties wanted to resolve the issue out of court, Turpin remained adamant. He commented on the situation as follows:

“Pinski and his fellow Wicked Geniuses have sociopathic traits. They soullessly ruin the lives of their innocent victims and gloatingly brag about multimillion-dollar thefts, ”BloomberQuint quoted Turpin as saying..

According to Turpin, Pinski’s accomplices identify people with large cryptocurrency assets and gain control of their phones by bribing or tricking phone operators..

A teenage hacker robbed a businessman for $ 24 million.

Hackers can then intercept authentication messages, obtain information and withdraw funds from victims’ accounts..

Stolen money was kept under the pillow


Pinski himself, as a teenager, repeatedly bragged to his friends that he had stolen money from the accounts of large entrepreneurs, starting at the age of 13. He cashed the stolen money, and then hid it in his room. I kept part of the amount under the pillow for small expenses. According to the hacker, he stole at least $ 100 million.

As soon as it became known that Turpin was suing the young hacker, Pinski, as befits a teenager, got scared and even sent part of the stolen cryptocurrency, dollars and watches directly to Turpin, thereby pleading guilty. However, this act did not soften the victim’s intentions. He is ready to see it through to the end. Moreover, Turpin had previously won a lawsuit against AT & T, the mobile operator that served Turpin’s number. According to the victim, it was the weak security system that allowed the hackers to gain control of the businessman’s phone..

Pierce O’Donnell, Turpin’s lawyer, said he did not intend to retreat from the charges and was ready to see the case through.


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