The Billion-Dollar Bitcoin Scam


A million distributes bitcoins, scammers are happy

  • Users receive money for cryptocurrency from a millionaire

  • The millionaire has already donated over $ 20,000 to users

  • Experts believe this is another scam

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Millionaire Bill Pult has been giving away fiat, cryptocurrency and even cars for several weeks. However, users believe that his charity plays into the hands of scammers..

$ 150,000 has already been transferred to recipients

Millionaire philanthropist Bill Poult handed out about $ 150,000 this year in an effort to promote the massive adoption of cryptocurrency. Despite such a broad gesture, some critics believe that in this way it helps scammers who use fake cryptocurrency distributions to deceive users..

Other users believe that this is just a hidden self-advertisement. By giving out money, Pulte is trying to draw attention to his Twitter page. For example, in July 2019, only 10,000 people were subscribed to Pult, and today more than 3 million people follow the millionaire’s news..

A million distributes bitcoins, scammers are happy


Recall that on July 9, Pulte posted a post on his Twitter page, where he said that he would donate funds through CashApp for users who comment or share his post on their page. The very next day, he gave $ 625 to his followers to buy bitcoins. According to Pulte, donations should be spent on buying cryptocurrency, because it is “our future”.

In total, Pulte gave away $ 5,625 this month and more than $ 18,000 in the past.

Pulte maintains an active list of all recipients of his gifts, which range from $ 10 to $ 15,000. As the grandson of billionaire William John Poult, he inherited a huge fortune.

A million distributes bitcoins, scammers are happy

Poult himself claims to own 11 BTC, which at the current exchange rate is about $ 100,000..

Looks like a scam


Most of the users perceived Pult’s offer as another manifestation of fraud. Cyber ​​criminals often use speeches and statements of public figures as a screen for deception and scam. Previously edited by BeInCrypto reported that unknown persons were selling invitations to a non-existent event with the participation of Elon Musk for bitcoins. Messages were even broadcast on television in America. At the same time, the exact price of the ticket was not announced. The scammers simply offered to transfer from 0.1 BTC to 10 BTC to the recipient’s wallet and the entrance was guaranteed.

Cryptocurrencies still attract scammers from all over the world.

A million distributes bitcoins, scammers are happy

American economist, professor of economics at New York University Nouriel Roubini decided to remind once again what he thinks about the cryptocurrency industry and bitcoin in particular.

Commenting on an article by The Wall Street Journal, Roubini actually called the cryptocurrency industry “one big scam”.

Also, BBB (Better Business Bureau) researchers have compiled the top 5 most common fraudulent schemes in the world. Cryptocurrencies took the second place after employment scams. In terms of risk level, cryptocurrencies have bypassed even online purchases, loans, as well as fake checks and receipts.


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