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A bug in the Bitcoin Segwit protocol ...

Bug in Bitcoin Segwit protocol could lead to substitution of fees

  • With the help of a detected bug, an attacker can swap the commission and the amount intended for sending.

  • Trezor claims that the likelihood of such an attack is extremely low.

  • Wasabi Wallet and BTCPay have already urged not to update wallets until the problem is resolved.

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A bug in the Segwit protocol could play into the hands of potential attackers targeting cryptocurrency hardware wallets.

Bitcoin Segwit Protocol Update Still Threats Locking Funds to Hardware Wallets Even Despite Updates.

A bug in the Bitcoin Segwit protocol ...

This is the opinion of the Bitcoin Core developer Luke Junior.

Exploit Discovered Three Months Ago Still Dangerous to Hardware Wallets Like Trezor.

A bug in the Bitcoin Segwit protocol ...

A detected bug changes the values ​​for transactions, as a result of which the actual amount for the transfer changes places by the amount intended to pay the commission.

Thus, in the case of sending 20 BTC with a total commission of ~ 0.00000001 BTC, the attacker can swap the amounts, as a result of which, the user spends 20 BTC on commission costs, and the actual transaction amount is 0.00000001 BTC.

Matter of chance

However, as noted in Trezor, in order to carry out such an attack, an attacker must be a miner and verify exactly the block that would include a transaction for 20 BTC.

Despite the fact that the likelihood of such a coincidence is small, the crypto community is concerned about the discovered bug.

The situation is much worse for Trezor owners using a cold wallet for BTCPay Server or Wasabi.

Wait in line

After the update released in Trezor, which was supposed to solve the issue with the replacement commission, users may even lose their funds when using BTCPay Server, Wasabi or HWI.

The transaction will simply get stuck until the new firmware is released, explains developer Wasabi Wallet @ nopara73 on Twitter..

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Wasabi and BTCPay urge users not to update wallets until compatibility issues between the firmware update and their software are resolved.

Previously, the research department of the Kraken crypto exchange discovered an exploit that allows you to hack the Trezor wallet in just 15 minutes.

A bug in the Bitcoin Segwit protocol ...

Using this cyber attack technology, Trezor One and Trezor Model T wallets can be hacked..

What do you think? How likely is the use of such an attack against cryptocurrency owners?? Share your thoughts in the comments and join the discussion in our Telegram channel.


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